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Timeline of my husband's PMLA & LTVP

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Timeline of my husband's PMLA & LTVP

Post by MOCHS » Fri, 23 Aug 2019 8:37 pm

This forum has been helpful with providing info about LTVP application so I thought I would contribute my husband's experience here.

Disclaimer: What works for us may not work for you since all LTVP applications are approved on a case by case basis. Also my post is gonna be wordy since there are a lot of details.

Female Chinese SC
Late 20s
Degree holder
Around 3.3k monthly salary, working for more than 5 years
Staying with parents in their "4 room flat and above" HDB. The "highest" flat type listed on the ICA website is "4 room flat and above" so even if you live in a 5 room, executive mansionette, or executive apartment, you are grouped under "4 room flat and above". I realised not many forum users mentioned their housing situation so I thought I would share mine, if it helps.

Male Caucasian American
Late 20s
Degree holder
He was employed in a IT related position during PMLA application. Subsequently quit his job to come to Singapore to marry me and was unemployed during LTVP application.
Staying with me in my parents flat.

We have been in a relationship for 10 years before applying for marriage.

First things first, set a wedding date before you apply for PMLA. You can choose your wedding date via fortune teller if you're superstitious or you can choose any date you fancy. Don't anyhow apply for PMLA and then rush to marry within the year of the PMLA's validity. Wedding planning is already stressful enough and rushing it might make it worse.

But if you wanna rush, no one will stop you lah. Just be mentally prepared for the many things you have to juggle and prepare.

Timeline of husband's road to PMLA & LTVP

Early-Dec 2018: Applied for PMLA on ICA website about half a year before our wedding date. Since the elgibility lasts for a year, I saw no harm in applying early. You can choose to apply one or two months before your wedding but take note that ICA takes 2-4 weeks to process the PMLA.

Mid-Dec 2018: PMLA approved within 10 working days (I didn't count weekends). It was a great Christmas present, that's for sure. ICA physically mailed the Letter of LTVP Eligibility (LLE) to both of us. I got the physical LLE within two days. My husband received the LLE in the US some time after New Year's Day of 2019.

Take note if you need to attend any marriage preparation programme (MPP) and marriage support programme (MSP) in the LLE. We weren't required to attend any but was strongly recommended to do so.

Needless to say, keep your LLE in a safe place as you need to input the LLE number during your LTVP application. The number is the same on both copies that are mailed out.

[Feel free to skip the next few paragraphs if you're not getting married in Singapore]

1st June 2019: Husband arrived in Singapore with 90 days short term visit pass. He had an onward ticket to a nearby SEA country as per ICA's guidelines. Keep the white D/E card in a safe place because you need the D/E number when you apply for LTVP.

2nd June 2019: Met our wedding solemniser as she wanted to meet both of us in person and we filed for notice of marriage on the ROM website on the same day. Do note that for SC-foreigner marriages, one of you MUST be present in Singapore for 15 consecutive days before you file for notice of marriage. In this case, I fulfilled that requirement since I have not travelled out of Singapore for months. We signed up for the MPP course since it's free.

Also, the earliest date you can marry is 21 days after filing for notice of marriage. The ROM website has a handy calender that can help you with that if you're unsure.

Not all solemnisers are like mine that want to meet both parties in person. I have read that some solemnisers just email the endorsed Invitation to Solemnise letter without meeting the couple first. So it all depends on the solemniser.

I believe if you're marrying in the ROM premises itself, you don't need to look for a solemniser and you will be assigned one? Do correct me if I'm wrong.

28th June 2019: Attended the MPP at ROM in the morning. They will issue a cert with the couple's names when you're done attending the programme. We collected our marriage documents after the MPP. We chose not to attend the MSP since we have to pay for it.

If your spouse is not well-versed in English, please arrange an interpreter during the collection of your marriage documents because both parties are required to recite an oath at the counter in front of the ROM officer. The oath is extremely wordy and full of legal terms.

[You may continue reading from here if you are not marrying in Singapore]

FYI, if your spouse has 30 days short term visit pass, please apply for extension on the ICA website.

30th June 2019: Got married!

1st July 2019: Applied for LTVP. If you have difficulties trying to type in the D/E number which is printed as XXXX-XXXX on the card, omit the hyphen and just type in XXXXXXXX. It took me a few tries for the system to recognize that the D/E number was valid.

One of the questions will ask if the spouse wishes to work in SG or not. If you select yes, MOM will let you know whether the pre-approved letter of consent (PLOC) is approved or not if your LTVP is successful and after you collect the LTVP card.

15th July 2019: Received the in-principle approval in 10 working days (I didn't count weekends). I was prepared to wait 6 weeks and was surprised by the speedy outcome. Paid for the issuance fee and made the earliest LTVP appointment online. We decided not to walk in due to high chance of being rejected. As my dad said, if everyone who urgently wanted their passes walked in without an appointment, ICA will be overwhelmed. If you wanna walk in anyway, go ahead and see if you're lucky.

Take this time to get all your required documents in order. You do NOT need any extra documents that are not on the list. I will explain more later.

17th July 2019: I accompanied my husband for the medical check up at one of the SATA clinics. We were second in line and his blood collection, X-ray, and doctor's consultation were completed within 30 minutes. Prepare to wait if you arrive later because a long line formed behind us. The check up costs about $57 and they just want to check if you have TB and HIV.

Remember to print & bring the medical form, the in-principle approval letter, and your spouse's passport when you go to the clinic.

19th July 2019: Medical report was ready within 2 working days and my husband collected it from the clinic.

Late Aug 2019: We booked the first appointment of the day and were called on time to go to the counter to verify our documents.

True enough, they only wanted the documents on the list. Nothing more. I actually gave two extra months of payslip and the makcik at the counter was super nice about it and said, "Later when we file, it would be a bit thick. I return these two months to you." I liked the makcik, she's very friendly.

If you're unsure on how to fill in the information and dates on the documents like Form 14(B), you may leave them blank. They will still check and ask you to fill in the correct info. We actually wrote the date the LTVP was approved in-principle but the date should be the day you collect the LTVP card. So we followed the makcik's instructions by striking off the old date, wrote the new date, and counter-signed.

I did bring extra documents like our highest qualifications and my husband's birth certificate but they were not requested at all so I did not present them. I previously asked in this thread on whether I should bring them and I did just to be safe. Never hurts to be cautious but it seems ICA only wants the items on the list.

After all the documents were verified, the makcik proceeded to scan my husband's thumbprints. She then told us to wait 45 to 60 mins for the card to be printed. Feel free to go across the road to grab some food or wait in the waiting area with everyone else.

We waited and around the 45 min mark, our number was called and my husband received his LTVP card. Yay!

Husband's PLOC from MOM was emailed to him the next day so now he can finally start his job hunt. Anyone have lobang? =P

PR is very far from our minds right now. I'll wait for him to have a stable job first with 2-3 years of tax assessments before we consider it. Meanwhile, I can look around for resale flats since we can buy them under the non-citizen spouse scheme.


Anyway, I have come across some threads on whether they should apply PMLA or not. Personally I feel that if you never apply at all because you're afraid of rejection, the answer will always be no. If you apply, there is a chance it could be yes. If I remember correctly, applying for PMLA is free so just apply provided you are able to fulfill the requirements...

I personally know an acquaintance of mine who is a female minority-race SC in her 20s who was a fresh graduate and applied for PMLA & LTVP about 2-3 years ago when she just married her male minority-race spouse. The way she applied it was interesting. The MPP course actually suggested that they apply PMLA one day before the wedding and apply LTVP one day after the wedding. The outcome was the PMLA was rejected but the LTVP was approved. Her husband is currently on an E-pass and she has two kids now so it's a happy ever after for her.

Like I said at the start of the post, each application is different and your mileage may vary (YMMV) so good luck to anyone out there in the same position as me. I know it can be rather daunting as you anxiously wait for an outcome but just be patient and don't worry so much. Thanks for reading and I hope this post is useful to anyone applying for PMLA-LTVP.

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Re: Timeline of my husband's PMLA & LTVP

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Fri, 23 Aug 2019 10:41 pm

Nice write-up and congratulations.

The step-by-step will be a great assistant to those who come looking for information. In fact, I'm going to make it a sticky so it stays on top of this forum.


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Re: Timeline of my husband's PMLA & LTVP

Post by Davi0123 » Fri, 11 Oct 2019 6:25 pm

Hi may I ask what does original payslip means? My wife ltvp was approved and we were preparing the document. Just wondering how do you provide ur original payslip. As my payslip are usually accessed through PAC@GOV pdf format. Thx

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Re: Timeline of my husband's PMLA & LTVP

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Fri, 11 Oct 2019 8:35 pm

If that is the case, it should state computer generated, no signature required. Obviously you should have the soft copy PDF as a backup, just print out an original of the soft copy. (not a copy of the printed copy).

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