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Relocating From The West, I Need Advise!

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Relocating From The West, I Need Advise!

Postby Skeet » Wed, 27 Jul 2005 1:19 pm


I've been reading through the forums, and I've seen some very good advise, so hopefully someone can help me out here.

I am a Technical Analyst for a major financial company in New York City. They are creating a position similar to mine in Singapore and have asked if I would like to have it (my duties in NY would remain uneffectied if I stayed). I am thinking of taking it, since I think it would be interesting to work over there, but what can I expect as far as a relocation package?

Based on your experience, what do you think is "likely", and what is "wishful thinking". I was told this is not a "transfer", so my salary will be effected. Should my salary be identical? Should I ask for a lump sum for the relocation? Housing? Temp housing? Trips back to the States?

At first I thought since I am young, single, and can easily pick up and move, that Singapore might be a good change even if I took a bit of a pay cut. The more people I speak to, however, the more I think that am "due" the same, if not greater salary.


Thanks in advance.


Postby Guest » Wed, 27 Jul 2005 3:31 pm

You definately should ask for a salary package deal. I can't comment on how much your salary should change, but you should definately ask for relocations costs and housing.

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NYer who knows Singapopre well

Postby gl171 » Thu, 28 Jul 2005 5:27 am

I can give u tons of info abt life and work there. we probably have same view on certain things (I guess). I grew in NYC, born in Asia. we could meet up too if u want. i work in downtown a MAJOR financial brokerage firm.
Let me know.

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