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FNDC @ Barossa, Esplanade

Weekly meetup of FNDC - Friday Night Drinking Club
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FNDC @ Barossa, Esplanade

Postby littlegreenmartian » Tue, 21 Jan 2014 7:39 pm

Hello there FNDCers,

this Friday, we've selected the prime location of Barossa at the Esplanade, where the chance of listening to the mirthfull tones of entertainers on the waterfront is paired with the certainty of wine and dinner on wooden benches and mugs of beer. The Esplanade plays host to a great many events and this friday, on the waterfront is the performance of a semi professional Sheng ensemble. A musical mouth blown reed instrument from China , it is used in operas and is one of the oldest instruments, dating back to the 7th century.

Wind instrumentation, beer and aussie style food.

Venue: Barossa, Esplanade Mall 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-11
Time: 830 pm - Late

How to get there:
1. From the City Hall Station, on the right, take the underground route through the link mall.
2. Go all the way through the mall till you get to the ATM machines on the left and a flight of escalators leading down through a tunnel, and up again, which will place you in the underground area where you might be able to see street dancing hip hoppers.
3. Through the tunnel to the lower level of the esplanade, take the escalators to the top.
4. Head towards the rear of the building, down the flight of escalators, to the outside of the building.
5. Head past Harry's and the next establishment on the left is Barossa.

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