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Post by insingapore2014 » Fri, 03 Jan 2014 3:27 am

Wd40 wrote:
insingapore2014 wrote:

I think your salary expectations are on the lower side, especially considering you have reached the 50 Lacs level. Dont sell yourself so cheap. If I were you I would just stay back in India, if I cant get 180-200K SGD/USD/AUD etc
Do you mean if I were getting S$200 it'd be a good move (would you?)? I started low because I was basing it on my knowledge of salaries in US and Europe.

Based on this thread, it seems like I should negotiate for something S$220 and stay back in India if I get anything less. I have a decent job in India.

Actually, I was supposed to be transferred from Europe to SG in the same company, but I came back to India instead. Now, I have an opportunity to go back most likely at 1-2 level higher. I believe do have a good opportunity for negotiating because of following factors:

1. I left company at very good terms and did exceedingly well during my time there
2. In my current company, I am doing well as well and most likely I'll get promoted in a few months. Also, I am earning decently, so I am not too desperate.
3. The company in SG is cash rich, so they should be able to pay if they find it reasonable
4. They are basically creating this position for me.

A couple of short term reasons to join the SG company would be:

1. Brand name
2. Better work-life balance. It's known as one of the better companies to work at.
3. Plenty of opportunities to travel around the world, and mostly at my own choice.
4. Overall, higher standard of life outside of home and office.

Do you think if I negotiate for S$220 and somehow manage to get it, it is a no-brainer? Or do you think the decision will still be difficult? (I know there are a lot of factors apart from money etc, but on the face value, if you were to recommend, what would you?)

Option 1: A famous company, better work-life balance, Sr. Manager role with a small team of 2-3 direct reports something like SG$200-220

Option 2: A large Indian company, Middle management role (Dy. General Manager) with the possibility of getting promoted to Sr. GM in a few months + Rs. 50 Lac

Which one would you go for and how difficult/easy would the decision would be?

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Post by triste » Fri, 03 Jan 2014 4:03 am

Also, I have spent 5 years in California, between LA and SF , so I can tell you with good certainty that $150K is a very respectable salary.
Born and raised in LA. He's got this right, at least for "East of La Brea" as someone else pointed out.

OP I wouldn't let the discussion discourage you salarywise. If you want to open the negotiate for more, more power to you, but I wouldn't say don't come unless you can get x amount. You will be fine if you receive your expected salary in your opening post. I do agree that bringing your parents on LTVP is going to ensure you never receive PR, but I also get why you want them here with you. Best of luck with your decisions.

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