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Front Loading Washer - what brand?

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Re: Front Loading Washer - what brand?

Post by taxico » Thu, 07 Apr 2016 6:29 pm

Joeite wrote:Got the Electrolux EDV705. It's power die just after 2 years old (just after the warranty is over). Service "estimate" at least 50% of the dryer cost. The service center's attitude.. take it or leave it. I will stay away from Electrolux in the future.
i'm not sure if what i have to to say will help...

i had (still have) a samsung washer/condenser dryer combo. bought in 2010 if i'm not wrong. just before the warranty ran out, the dryer part went kaput.

the servicing man came round, and taught my wife how to replace the part that will blow from time to time.

he mentioned that if samsung were to charge for repairs, it would be 50-75% the cost of a new dryer. it's their pricing policy. thus, best to be handy with a screw driver.

he also offered to be available "after hours" to repair it she ever needed work done.

sure enough, the thing (whatever it was, i have no clue, but i think it's a fuse) blew again in about another few years. the wife was able to fix it by herself without me being around.

the part, if i'm not wrong, was $3 or $8. or maybe $18 or $13. in any case, it was cheap and the washer/dryer is still in use today - both bits working properly.
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