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EP Application Question - Relationship Status

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EP Application Question - Relationship Status

Post by StephNET » Sun, 24 Nov 2013 11:59 pm

Hi All,

I have a question regarding filling in the EP application form regarding my spouse.

My OH and I are civil partnered (same-sex), and have been since 2006. We are aware of the current situation in SG regarding this, so are applying for our own EPs independently to avoid DP/LTVP issues.

My question is that is the best way to fill in the form as far as relationship status...

I cannot claim civil partnership (as it does not exist on the form).

We are not married in our home country (though we could get married we chose to). Even if we were married, it would not be legally recognised by the SG government.

This leaves us with 'single'.

My concern is that I want to make sure I am as honest as possible in the application.

My thought is that 'single' is probably the most accurate answer based on Singapore's laws?

Is my logic correct?


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Post by JR8 » Mon, 25 Nov 2013 9:27 am

I was mulling over possibilities whilst reading your post, and came to the same conclusion as you by the point you did :)

In the UK, if there wasn't a specific CP tick box, then Married would be the one to choose, as they are legally one and the same (AFAIK).

Here you can't tick what is not recognised. Hence as you suggest that leaves you in the eyes of the authorities here as single. ['''You live with a friend'''.]

p.s. Of course that status could be adapted according to any benefits your employer/s might accord spouses in a CP. i.e. to the State you're single, to your employer you're in a CP and your spouse is (potentially) entitled to a spouses benefits.

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