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Typhoon relief help from Singapore?

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Postby ecureilx » Mon, 25 Nov 2013 11:26 am

Mi Amigo wrote:Correct, no planes since the Sea Harriers were withdrawn from service, but (from the article)...

HMS Illustrious carries Sea King Mk4, Merlin HM1 and Lynx Mk7 helicopters.

These will be a lot more useful for moving stuff around and generally assisting.

that's true :) I was quoting a common gripe about the Brits I know who are mad at the Navy with an Aircraft carrier minus aircraft .. and wondering when Miss Kirchner may try her luck with the UK ..

Steve1960 wrote:Something I had not thought about until word came from my wife's friend who has family in the affected area. The typhoon took out everything, including the prisons.

There is now a problem with rape and murder due to the criminals being on the loose :-(

And a lot of scare mongering going on .. at this time ..

Knowing Philippines, or parts of Philippines, the difference between criminal being locked or not is, 10 murders a day vs maybe 11 murders a day ..

That's not to take a dig on PH, but the legal system is such, every other day, somebody or other is killed for no reasons .. including simple Jeepney drivers, delivery drivers to garbage collectors/scavengers .. who may have just stepped on somebody's toes .. and the criminals are mostly at large .. or cannot be charged due to various legal loopholes ..

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