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A letter to cyclists from a cyclist

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A letter to cyclists from a cyclist

Postby Edroche » Thu, 31 Oct 2013 2:43 pm

As you may have read or seen on the landing page of youtube (if in Singapore), the chap on the road bicycle, toying with a car in the outer/feeder lanes, around what looked to be near vivo. This is one of a few incidents that have happened in Singapore between angry cyclists with poor road behaviour and probably similar motorists.

I commute around 30K to work daily by bike, using park connectors as much as possible even though it is slow or there are walkers etc. I’ve lost count the amount of people (non-cyclists) who have mentioned the above incident which means it is well known. This behaviour isn't limited to expats but the worst incidents personally observed tend to be expats similar to what this guy looks like, one of which I am. I’m v pissed off at the association that has been made between ang moh cyclists and bad behaviour. :o

On the other side of the coin, cycling in Singapore can be immensely frustrating mainly due to inconsiderate people and semiconscious drivers. I get it, really. The local 10th rate media is playing its part also. But I don't think that being honked at is reason to be floating around and stopping in the outer lanes of 3-5 lane roadway (even if you want to turn right) and ending up on youtube or the local rag. Especially if your face is spread across the front page and gives them opportunity to add not so subtle headlines '-White- with rage'. I'm a stakeholder in this along with many other cyclists.

Having a kid on the east coast track weave from side to side is not reason enough to extend your arm as you are passing and make a gesture as to shoot him in the head, even if you have tattoos. You are giving me and other non-d1ckhead cyclists a bad name.

Cycling through the CBD before 9am – is not a game of car dodging. All you need is the edge of one open car door or a taxi pulling away to sort things out. Be safe, if not for yourself then for others.

Similar suggestion to local riders. No need to flip off cars that are honking at you when you are riding 2 abreast with your girlfriend. Single file.

So if you go out, accept how things are in Singapore, plan an alternate route to avoid any unsafe junctions and stop acting like an idiot.
-If on the road, ride single file between the yellow lines. You won't puncture that easy, the roads are clean and tire technology has advanced since then.
-Indicate with your arm when you want to turn. Just do it.
-Don't expect to be able to cycle fast around the east coast track. If you don't like it, take your chances using the service road. That path is not really for fast cyclists.
-If you are not training or competing in a group, don't cycle on the road by the Changi runway, use the parallel bike track. There have been accidents and a couple of deaths. Your call and your risk.
-If you turn into a d1ckhead when you get on a bike, don’t verbally abuse motorists or people and behave yourself. It’s not only about you.

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Postby x9200 » Thu, 31 Oct 2013 9:17 pm

Singaporeans complaining about some foreigner not obeying to traffic regulations is a joke not worth any serious consideration.
Admittedly the Angmoh acted like an AH but It's a small piece of the video only so nobody knows what might have happened earlier. I have at least few situation every month that would justify this kind of behavior and I am not even cycling.

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Thu, 31 Oct 2013 9:29 pm

As one who as been cycling on the red dot for 3 decades, I've been knocked down by idiots 4 times. AND in every case they were at fault. Even when trying to drive defensively they will still get you if you aren't quite lucky enough. And yes I did chase one bus to earth and one car as well. (two of the 4 than knocked me down). Caught the bus in a cul de sac and the end of Jalan Kayu (where the camp gate is. Another a the seletar camp golf course. It's hard NOT to get agro.

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