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Unemployment / redundancy insurance

Discuss the different insurance options from car to health insurance.
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Postby ecureilx » Fri, 14 Feb 2014 2:51 pm

meklavier wrote:
ecureilx wrote:
meklavier wrote:
I don't think Singapore have an insurance that pays out when you are unemployed. What PNGMK has sounds like a disability income insurance that pays out after a certain waiting period (in his case 6 months) when an individual suffers from disability and cannot perform certain number of activities of daily liviings.

sorry, there is, for SC/PR only, as a rider on coverage

oh cool, can i know more? which company?

I am replying from my tablet and am out of town.

if you want me to find it than you Googling please wait till 24h Feb, please ... :-)

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