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Strong Eagle
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Post by Strong Eagle » Sun, 06 Mar 2005 1:50 pm

Rainbow Gal,

I believe you confuse customers with suckers. Customers are people who would simply buy whatever product you are selling, with no other relationship with you, much as I go to the food store to to buy milk.

But that's not what you are searching for. You are looking for people to "sign up" to become your "dealers". You sell them some product with the explanation of how they do the same thing you are doing, and then you hope they actually sell something because you get a cut of what they sell.

Only problem is, everone, including you, pretty soon runs out of friends, aunties, and uncles to peddle stuff to. If the stuff was any good, it would be on the shelves of reputable merchants. Instead, you've got a closet full of junk no one wants to buy, and you're only hope of making any money is getting others to sign up.

Do I have this right?


Post by audioworms » Sun, 06 Mar 2005 10:38 pm

I't s depend, but if ur interested, can contact me to see another mlm biz health product, we are meeting using online, all the thing done online included sales, so is alot easy, no need to face customer.

my mail/ym messenger: [email protected]

rainbow gal


Post by rainbow gal » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 12:40 pm

Strong eagle,

from the way that u reply, i can cleary see that u are not cut out to be in this mlm business. How can someone possibly run out of friends and relatives if what u are introducing can bring them wealth and inprove their lifestyle and health. on the contray, i have made many friends thru my networking. only one question, just like u went to bank to make investment, u also do not know them but what makes u invest in their schemes, it is because of the MONEY. So from what u say, does that mean that those financial consultant have to be on the shelf to display because their schemes are good? Back to the basic question, everyone would not say no to MONEY. i can tell u the difference between friends and suckers, suckers are those which have no idea of what they are doing and only follow. friends are what u really want to help them to improve their lifestyle and health.

so can i ask what is really ur problem? do u reply because u are interested to do mlm or do u reply because u just simply cannot stand ppl doing mlm?

pls remember this is a forum on health products, if u really have no interest in health products, u should not be in this forum.

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Strong Eagle
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Post by Strong Eagle » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 2:50 pm

Dear Rainbow Gal,

Since this is a public forum, I can be in any forum I wish to be in and post whatever opinion I may have on the subject. Should you not wish to read my posts, simply skip over them. You are also welcome to rebut anything I post.

I would never get into the MLM business. 99.99 percent of them are scams. People put money into them and never get anything back out. How much money have you made?

Unless you've got a very special MLM, new members almost always get front loaded... they have to buy a bunch a product in order to get in so that they too, can recruit more suckers. Then they are supposed to sell all that product in order to make those fabulous profits talked about in the come on. Only problem is that it is usually easier to get people to smash their finger with a hammer than it is to get them to buy some unknown, over priced product.

So, you keep talking about money. How much have you made? I'll bet you haven't made enough yet to pay for the inventory you had to buy.

Personally, I think MLM's ought to be outlawed here, just like they are in many states in the US. They are really no different than chain letters or other pyramid schemes, and even though there have been dozens of posts here trying to get people to buy into MLM's, I've not seen one person promoting them willing to say how much they actually and honestly made.

I'm glad you've made lots of friends. Have you made any money?


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Post by sundaymorningstaple » Wed, 09 Mar 2005 11:47 am

rainbow gal & Strong Eagle

Interesting discussion you are having.

Strong Eagle, I've been in your camp for over 40 years as an anti-MLM fanatic (when Amway started - they sure proved me wrong!)

rainbow gal, not wanting to rain on your parade, but unless you can at least openly & honestly admit as to whether you have at least made back your investment, you cannot gain any credibility in this discussion. It just makes you look foolish and appear to be spouting the MLM company standard hyperbole that is taught to answer the sceptics.


MLM's, per se, aren't illegal in Singapore, only those with Pyramid scheme methods of doing business are. I downloaded those documents about 6 months ago while doing 'due diligence' on an MLM company that was being hyped to me. While being very anti-MLM in the end I did succumb and joined only because it was something that I was already buying and using as does almost 98% of all residents in Singapore.

Strong Eagle & rainbow girl

The company I have aligned myself with has no front end loading and one can get into the product line without being an Associate/Affiliate or whatever one wants to call them. In other words a customer only. No inventory is purchased upfront, sales kit's are free, and the product is usable by anybody. For those in the business, they only get commissions from the products they sell (when signing up new agents there are no commissions paid on the signup costs) only on the subsequent products being sold which are delivered directly by the parent company hence no inventory being kept other than what being purchased by the agent for their own usage.

All of this said, I still haven't made a cent in commission after 6 months. Why? Probably my own fault as I am not a natural born salesman coupled with the bad press that, admittedly, the majority of MLM's have. I have, however, recovered all my original costs in savings using my own products other that the products I was previously using. I continue to use the product due to the savings & quality. My advice is 'buyer beware' when it come to MLM's (even the legal ones). All MLM's depend on the 80/20 rule (80% never make back their investment) while 20% make a very handsome profit. This will only come from very hard work. There is no easy ride even in the network marketing arena and rarely are there quick riches. The product I promote is not designed to make you rich overnight like most claim. It could give you a second income stream and a nice residual income stream as long as you put the time & effort required.

As a final note, there is a Network Marketing course offered at the University of Chicago because it is now recognized as a legitimate business model.


NB: A traditional Brick & Mortar company is also a pyramid in-so-much as it's the CEO or MD who make all the money then the VP's, next come all the Managers, and finally the lowest income earners, the working stiffs who produce the product and never get rich. Same thing is it not? And every one of the Working Stiffs, if the work hard enough and smart enough can eventually climb out of their pit.

Close Encounter

Post by Close Encounter » Fri, 11 Mar 2005 7:51 am

This MLM is similar to the online affiliate marketing. This is how it works. Say you have a web site and you link your web site to (for argument sake) Amazon. If someone from your web site follows that link and purchase a product on Amazon, you will receive a small commission.

I think for it to work, your web site must have a high volume of traffic and getting traffic is probably one of the biggest challenge online (I should know since we have an online web site). So in essence, you doing all their hard work in getting the traffic. In the case of MLM you’re doing all their hard work in setting up sales pitch and getting the sales.

Suppose the MLM company manages to recruit 1 million associates and each associate resulted in only one meagre sale per month. It still does not matter, that company will still make one million sales per month, am I not right? But each associate will only get a small commission on one sale.

If these companies can afford to give away free samples so that you can test them on your friends, chances are they have bought these products at next to nothing (in bulk) from China. And they would have pegged the sale price to ensure that they make a jolly good profit even after paying you the commission. But it will be you whose doing all the donkey work.

Sorry I am a Singaporean myself, and I don’t want to rattle anybody’s cage, but in this instance I agree with Strong Eagle, it is a scam.


Post by MLM'er » Fri, 25 Mar 2005 1:46 am

Online Marketing is GOOD but not now in the Asia.
Alot of people thinking the grow for Online marketing can earn them money but in the end give up cause it is still not the ripe time for the Asia.
Unless they can wait another 5-10 years.
Nowsaday, there are alot of Online marketing which are scram(do your own study and be safe). People in Asia still prefer to do business meeting people which create a warm link between them. With only computor doing the talk or whatever, more people in future will be out of job soon cause company do not require so many people as the computor can do the work!!! People need human touch......

95% of the MLM company will failed within 5 years if not will have some changes within the company. Joined the company with good track record or your effort will be drained.

Every industry, there will be bad or good remarks but there are sure got some black sheep in MLM industry using this NWM to create scram.
Be Careful for those new-comers and do your own research.

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Post by tingshen » Mon, 11 Apr 2005 3:15 am

the advice I always give to people who're attracted by the MLM opportunities, especially the new ones....

Singapore is just too small to continue MLM business. It's too late for you to join. If it's 3 years ago, your chances a very very high. You gotta wait for the those leaders to give up their seats b4 you can earn that kind of income.

If you're really serious about doing MLM business, go overseas, not Singapore.

If you're really looking for alternative income, I may have something to offer. MLM will not work in Singapore anymore. Doing sales can, but very hard to recruit people anymore. Same problem as insurance companies.

my email is [email protected]

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