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Post by Steve1960 » Sat, 26 Oct 2013 9:41 am

JR8 wrote: You repaint every 5 years, or less? Wow! Well with a youngster and a maid I can see it. Every 2 years!? That’s extraordinary! But... they do use the poorest quality paint here that I have seen, it is more like whitewash. Rub a wall with a damp cloth here, and you go through to the last paint-job below. A false economy, as QED it needs frequent repainting. Back home if you use good paint like Dulux or Crown it’s ‘vinyl-ised’ and if needs be you can wash it down.
Agreed. I just repainted with two coats of Dulux on every wall so removing marks will be much better in the future.

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Post by JR8 » Sat, 26 Oct 2013 10:10 am

Lol, yep agree.

I can understand work is quick here, there is minimal if any painted timber. Back home rubbing-down, taping off (masking tape to avoid getting paint on the glass), and doing two coats of paint on 4-5* 4-pane sash windows takes a loooot of time. Surfaces tend to be flat here, for example there are no cornices that require hand-painting. Also no coloured walls vs white ceilings that require hand-painting with a 1" brush at the boundary, it's 100% white here.

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