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Dr. Ho Ling at International Baby adolescent clinic AMK

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Dr. Ho Ling at International Baby adolescent clinic AMK

Postby dxb625 » Mon, 14 Oct 2013 10:23 pm

I took my toddler to see Dr. Ho Ling at IBAC @ 726 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 because the childcare center he is at thinks the rash on his palm is HFMD, and wants me to take him to the doctor for a professional opinion.

We went there this morning without an appointment. There were only two doctors on duty, Dr Ho and Dr Vella.

Since I did not have an appointment, I asked to see the doctor with the shorter line. We were assigned to Dr. Ho Ling.

There are a few issues with this doctor that would not take me back to her again.

1) She takes a long time with her patients. The other doctor will see 2-3 patients in the same amount of time she takes to see one patient... for a good reason which I will lay down.

2) During the consultation, she asked if I am working. I replied that I'm a full-time homemaker. I told her that we were there because the day care is concerned about the rash on his palm and needed her professional opinion on whether it is HFMD. In return, she asked me why is my son in day care when I am not working. This is the first strike.

3) She noticed that my son is quite active and I said yes, he is very curious and is very hands-on. I then told her that he broke a glass bottle once he was rummaging through the fridge but thank goodness he was not hurt. Her reply was: Sometimes you have to let him learn it the hard way. When he knows that it will cut him, he will not play with glass bottles again. She even went on to share stories on how she disciplines her daughter. This is strike two - advising a parent to let her child to get cut by glass in order to learn a lesson.

4) She went on to say that Asian kids are in general more docile while white kids are hands-on and rambunctious. What she was trying to say is that my son got his rambunctiousness from my husband. This generalization is unacceptable since there are rambunctious Asian kids at my son's day care. This is strike three.

5) She went on to conclude that there is no HMFD at this point but she is not willing to certify that he is HFMD free so that he can go back to pre-school. Instead, she just fill-in a form indicating that he is unfit for school due to a viral infection. Yes, I am sure that form will get him back to school. Thanks for nothing.

All in all, I understand why she takes such a long time to see each patient. Apparently she enjoy over stepping her professional boundaries as a pediatrician. Just because she is medically certified does not make her a counsellor.

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Postby taxico » Thu, 17 Oct 2013 7:02 pm

she sounds like a postmenopausal doctor with too much time on her hands.

there certainly are a number of them in singapore... try to assume it's the Asian way.

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