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What age did your child start "school" in Singapore

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Post by Pennywhistle » Wed, 30 Oct 2013 8:08 am

BedokAmerican you sound like a lovely mother who is giving lots of enriching opportunities to your son! I was shocked when I read your post. My daughter will be 12 months when we make the move early next year and I am more than happy to just chill out with her at home doing our own things (play / pool / books) and would love to do a social meetup with other mums and bubs to give her some play time with others her age and me a chance to be social and make some friends. I also like the idea of some structured time (in a play group / child care) for maybe one morning a week so I can pop down to the shops and get some general stuff done. But apart from that, there is no chance I will be sending her to "school".

I think what you need to look at is what your expectations would be if you were still at home v's what is pushed on you in your new home. If you are currently doing what you would have been happy doing at home then that awesome! Don't doubt yourself, let your kid be a kid! And thanks for this post, it gives me and others a heads up into some of the self obsessed, over critical competitors I want to avoid! xx

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