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Post by jk21 » Sun, 08 Sep 2013 8:49 am

Is there a way to compost kitchen items here in SG? So used to having a yard compost bin, a community compost for larger quantities and the in-sink-erator.

Peels, skins, cores, and the general garbage my only option now?

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Post by BedokAmerican » Sun, 08 Sep 2013 1:52 pm

I've thought about the same thing. I probably would compost if I had a yard and garden, although some people compost and don't garden. I've thought about composting anyway. I just don't have a bin (those are expensive) and building my own bin and drilling holes seems too difficult because I might not do it the "right way."

The Singapore Gardening Society and Zero Waste Singapore have some useful information on composting at home, including how to prepare a bin (if you're up for the challenge).

I also found this online:

From what I read on that site above, the composting worms can be pricey here. However, worms aren't absolutely necessary -- they just break down the waste faster.

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Post by beppi » Mon, 09 Sep 2013 7:20 am

I composted when I had a terrace house with (tiny) garden - in a disused giant (metal) bird cage. The composting process is pretty fast (a month or slightly more) and the heap has plenty of interesting creatures for the taxonomically inclined (and yuck factor for all others).
The compost helped improve extremely bad Singapore soil, but it seemed to always disappear in the month I needed to make more - meaning the soild went back to red clay. I managed to keep a 2sqm vegetable patch "alive" with the waste of a three person household (plus weeds and grass cuttings from approx. 20sqm garden).
I only ever knew one other person who composted in Singapore - and he was also German. My Singaporean friend (with much bigger garden) whom I built a heap for from chicken wire gave it up within weeks.

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Post by the lynx » Mon, 09 Sep 2013 9:05 am

IKEA has compost bin (plastic) in Singapore. Haven't seen it in person but the recently released catalogue says it has here.

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