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HELP/ADVICE? (ps in Taiwan/Thailand/Korea)

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HELP/ADVICE? (ps in Taiwan/Thailand/Korea)

Post by xiaojie » Fri, 30 Aug 2013 12:06 pm

The message below is long, for lazy people: good/bad doctors in Asia for rhinoplasty, jaw countouring, eyelid surgery

Hey, I want to do a few things... First my nose is too big, I want to make it smaller (so no fillers... though I don't like its shape but i think it needs to be smaller not bigger and fillers would only make it bigger! so shaping and making it smaller). not sure yet if the bone needs to be cut or just the part that's not bone (alarplasty?) I don't think the bone needs to be cut necessarily but maybe it does? I'm not sure :( but the bone isn't too bad at least!

then I want to reshape my jaw (and maybe do something to my chin but jaw is the one that bothers me) because i don't like the shape, it doesn't look feminine/pretty enough to me so i want it done... internal incision would be better than external cause i want no scars? but this one i'm really worried about... it can be really really dangerous i think, like your face can get paralyzed if not done right?? so can't afford a mistake here... i've been looking at doctors in thailand mostly but so hard to decide :( i don't know if doctors in taiwan or elsewhere know how to do this?

then another thing, all my features are western :( i don't like it, it's not pretty. i have double lids but maybe too much, i think i might want them lifted so they don't look droopy (they don't normally but sometimes i feel like they're droopy like there's too much skin) i want to have a different face, like a mixie with asian features. i have round eyes :( so i was thinking if a doctor could make them look more asian/mixie? does anyone ever even do this kind of procedure?? i don't think it would be hard, just a small incision and stitching to change the shape, it's only skin... but who would be skillful enough to do it?

oh yeah has anyone had trachea work done? i'm considering it, i don't have an adam's apple like guys but i think mine looks a bit guyish so maybe shaping it too... but only with a good dr, I don't want my throat cut...

thanks to anyone who replies and tries to help :) please help me if you can... also if you know any doctors i should NOT even consider please tell me!! i've read so many horror stories and i already know a few names i'll never ever consider but there is so much info... too much... too many doctors, impossible to read through it all alone :( and i really don't want anything to go wrong...
oh: more info, i'll be on a long vacation/looking for work kind of thing, travelling around Asia (i'll be looking for work and place to settle in) so different places won't be a problem, when I have made my list i'll go and visit them personally and see how it goes... i don't mind a few trips between taiwan/thailand/korea :) that doesn't mean i'm super rich!! so please don't only recommend the most expensive doctors okay? and if you know if the dr you recommend is a registered plastic surgeon that's a plus :)

sorry my post is so long..
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