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Singapore PR to wait 3 years to buy HDB resale flat

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Post by Wd40 » Fri, 30 Aug 2013 10:18 pm

morenangpinay wrote:i've been featured there couple times too :roll:
Anyway you need to post that again in bullet point...or they won't get it.
They wont get it because they dont want to get it. You know, even though it may seem that the the "alternative news" site is filled with trolls, its impact is great and they have already tasted blood in recent years and thats given them a shot in the arm to keep going, however mindless it may be. The stakes involved are very high and we may seem the more educated and professional lot, but they are ones that are making the impact and calling that shots. Strange but true. :roll:

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Mi Amigo
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Post by Mi Amigo » Fri, 30 Aug 2013 10:51 pm

... all the product of the supposedly 'world class' education system here. I don't get it. Well, I guess I do - if it's all rote learning and following a set of predetermined steps without actually thinking creatively, this seems to be the result when there is no script to read from. Having said that, I do know and work with a number of smart people who have had enough world experience to break out of the mould. Ironically that experience has usually come about through the involvement of foreign companies and individuals.
Be careful what you wish for

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Post by thismyvoice » Thu, 12 Sep 2013 9:38 pm

Barnsley wrote:Is this an indirect admission that they have allowed too many PR's?

If the PR population is such a small player in the HDB resale market as the Govt states ..... somewhere around 5 or 6%... Then I am not sure what the point of this measure is apart from trying to score political points.
PR own 5% to 6% of HDB flats. However, last year, they account for 20% of resale transactions (as buyers). So PR are not really small players in the resale market.

But I do agree that this measure will not do too much to moderate the price. Suppose it is just to send a message.

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Post by PNGMK » Mon, 16 Sep 2013 12:13 pm

AngMoG wrote:
Wd40 wrote:
PNGMK wrote:I consider buying a HDB flat as a non SC to be a high risk decision. The chances of the winds changing and PR's being forced en masse to hand back or sell at a loss are increasing with every down tick in the PAP polling stats.
Another +1 from me. Risky at best, especially when one gets an "offer you cannot refuse" (becoming SC).
I cam close to buying a resale flat a few years ago. Glad I didn't because six months later they brought in the law about not holding overseas properties if you own a HDB flat....

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