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Local polytechnic fresh Graduate - Epass & S pass Rejected

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Local polytechnic fresh Graduate - Epass & S pass Reject

Post by wilsonjd » Mon, 19 Aug 2013 12:05 am

Hi peeps..

I'm a foreign student graduated from local polytechnic this year (2013). I was under MOE tuition grant bond which covers my 80% of school fee.. so I'm required to work for 3 years upon graduation.

My diploma related to IT & Business. But I'm still struggling to find a job to related area as for my dip. So I have no choice but to look for opportunity in any area that hire foreigners.

Anyway on April one restaurant applied 'S pass' but it was rejected after few days (position - Supervisor).

Then On June another restaurant chain applied 'E pass' (position - Assistant manager) for me and also rejected!...

The reason for both they MOM stated on the letter is to protect the locals job opportunities to ensure fair employment .

After that I approached MOE and they issued me a supporting letter that stating about my bond. Since both companies are not willing to 'Appeal' cos of the slimmer chances, I walk in MOM service center to clarify the reasons.

MOM officer checked my profile and told me that "your qualifications are fine, problem is with the both companies. They are both small companies and chance of approving any work pass for them is very low since we tighten the rules this june (2013)" and he added " My advice is for you to try with a well established company.. good luck to you!"

Ok if you still with me :lol: here's my question..

Lucky for me after sending lot of resumes around one company agreed to try to apply a pass for me (position - Assistant manager). :roll:

It's a bar+restaurant which open 2 moths back. but the boss has 2 more companies under his name in Singapore which is established for few years.

So my boss will submit the application manually by this week (2nd week Aug 2013) which indicates the salary $3250. along with the MOE supporting letter. and he will tick the box "Pass consideration- E pass and S pass both"

I know there are lot of experts in this forum .. please advise me what are the chances for me this time for the 3rd time ??? any suggestions ???

--Sorry for the long post.. i really need to give my background info for you guys to analyses my situation... 8-) 8-)

Right now im really depressed.. I have to work in Singapore for 3 years as per the bond.. its super hard to find a job here as a fresh graduate +foreigner and i cant go back until i finish my LTVP 1 year.. ( under this LTVP I can not work) and I'm totally broke.. still troubling my parents for rent and living cost.. :???: :???:

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Post by Wd40 » Mon, 19 Aug 2013 11:54 pm

Feel sorry for you. I dont think your statement "i cant go back until i finish my LTVP 1 year" is true.

The bond is 3 years and the LTVP is just 1 year and the LTVP is voluntarily applied for by yourself. So you should be able to cancel it and go back.

Read the bond details carefully. I know many people are in the same situation as you are. I am not sure what people do in such cases. But taking up an unrelated job may potentially screwup your career and you may not be able to come back into IT again.

You sound like an Indian. If yes, my suggestion is go back to India and look for a job there. Work it out with MoM and see if they can someone waive off the bond, considering that they are not letting you take up any work.

In the UK, until recently they had this scheme where, if you do a masters, they give you 2 year visa to just stay in the UK and do any job you want. But last year they cancelled the scheme, but made sure that students who were already in the UK were not affected. Thats a really fair system

But in cases like yours, The bond was signed at a time when foreigners were getting jobs easily. Now after the tightening, the circumstances have changed and you are being affected unfairly. So I dont see anything ethically wrong if you look at renegotiating on the bond's terms.

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