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S-pass rejected - questions abt LoC and sole proprietorship

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S-pass rejected - questions abt LoC and sole proprietorship

Post by singexpat80 » Fri, 16 Aug 2013 5:48 pm


My spouse`s s-pass application got rejected recently. She has a Masters degree in economics.
She is a junior in banking and has already worked 1 year in Singapore on an EP, with a salary of 3k. It was just a one year contract only though and now she has found a new job. However, the new job pays less and because off that they had to apply for S-pass.
As the company doesn't want to increase the salary, there is no use to appeal.

As she is a DP holder, she wants to try to get an LoC now instead (same salary and position). She meets the eligibility criteria, but I wonder what chance she has getting the LoC. I guess it's anyone's guess, but perhaps someone can shed some light?

Also, I've read that she could start a sole proprietorship and get an LoC that way. If she does that, could she supply her services to a bank out of her own company?

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Post by DrPaulMasters » Sun, 18 Aug 2013 11:34 am

With a MA they should have been applying for a P2 at least. Where did she study for the masters? if it wasnt one of the big four (oxford/cambridge/harvard/yale), the employer is being penalised for not attracting stellar quality staff, and so the passes get rejected if they are offering wages at competitve rates. If they up the wages they'll find that the pass may get accepted.

look at this thread for advice on starting your own business

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