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FNDC @ Barossa 16th August 2013

Weekly meetup of FNDC - Friday Night Drinking Club
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FNDC @ Barossa 16th August 2013

Postby littlegreenmartian » Sun, 11 Aug 2013 10:23 pm

This week, we'll be headed for the twin domes of the Esplanade. The venue is a bar and food restaurant with Australian inspired cuisine, beers and a selection of Australian boutique wines. The hoi polloi milling about the outdoor stage area on the waterfront could portend the advent of music for the masses. Always good with a beer in hand.

Welcome to Barossa. ... /index.jsp

Venue : Barossa
Time : 830pm - late

How to Get There:
1. Take the circle line to the Esplanade Station
1. Take the train to the City Hall station, and walk through the city link mall to the part where the Adidas store is on the left and a set of escalators lead through the link way to the Esplanade proper.
1. Brave the heat outside, and take a leisurely stroll through the War Memorial Park on the way to the escalators that will take you down and up to the esplanade. Head out of City Hall towards Marina Center, through the park. Use the domes as a landmark.

2. At the esplanade, Barossa is located within the cul de sac of the Esplanade building on the ground floor. As you head past Harry's, it is on the left of the building.

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