What happens to furniture I don't need?

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What happens to furniture I don't need?

Post by alatal » Mon, 29 Jul 2013 4:28 pm

Hello there,

I'm planning a move to Singapore shortly, and currently have NO indication of the kind of condo we'll move into - I need to ship all my furniture before I travel, so am taking most of it in the hope that it'll all fit nicely in my new home. (Fingers tightly crossed!)

However, if I do find that I have an extra bookshelf or arm chair lying around, what are my options to give it away/sell it/pass onto goodwill?

Appreciate your help!

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Post by beppi » Mon, 29 Jul 2013 4:37 pm

The salvation army (and some other charity organisations) will take used items in good conditions, sell them in their thrift shops and use the proceeds for social causes.
The Karung Guni men, who come to all residential estates (listen out for regular honks!) will take any item, but might require a small payment for those they cannot sell on at a profit. They belong to the lowest (and poorest) social ranks in Singapore, so giving them things can also be seen as a kind of charity.
Just placing items in your block's void deck or near the garbage area (perhaps with a sign "For Sale S$50") will ensure they're gone within minutes.
There is very little scope for selling second hand items at any reasonable price in Singapore!

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