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Jenny and Her Dream…

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Jenny and Her Dream…

Postby J » Tue, 28 Dec 2004 10:05 pm

Jenny and Her Dream….

New Year is approaching and there comes the resolutions for the year. Every year, there are many things that we hope to accomplish, so many goals to hit. I wanted to do so many things, but always chuck them behind my busy schedule. Then I read a story that really hit on me. This story gave me the motivation I was looking for, I hope it does the same for you!

Jenny and Her Dream….

'Oh, that would have been a nice thing to do ten years ago,'
she replied, 'but I'm too old for that now. The time has

This was Jenny's reply to a friend who asked if she was
going to get involved with acting. For years she had wanted
to become an actress, but now she believed that her chance
had passed her by.

'I'm just too old to start now.'

Jenny was thirty-five years old.

Steve and His Dream…..

'If only I had started ten years ago,' Steve began, 'but it
wasn't meant to be. That is not something people of my age will do.'

Steve, like Jenny from above, wanted to become an actor but
felt that he let the opportunity pass him by. If a time
machine could take him back ten years, he would explain, he
would jump at the chance to act.

Steve was forty-five years old.

What's the Point?

Two people, ten years apart in age, confidently stating that
they would go after their dream if only they were ten years

I hope the point is clear.

If you feel that you're five years too late to go after your
goal today, you'll be saying the same thing five years from
now. Think about that. Really think about it.

If you don't do something about your goals now, what will
you be saying in five years? Ten years? I think you'll be
yelling at yourself for not starting sooner.

The truth is the only time that matters is right now. You
can't change the past. If you wish you would have started
something years ago, accept the fact that you didn't and
correct your mistake. Do something about it now.

I can guarantee that if you regret not going after a certain
goal years in the past you'll regret not going after it
today years in the future. It's a vicious cycle that only
stops when we accept the truth and use it as motivation to
go after what we want.

If today's tip is enough to get you started, don't wait
another minute and make it happen. Make it work today!

Cheers and have a lovely festive week!

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