Landlord refusing to return deposit

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Landlord refusing to return deposit

Post by ohdear » Tue, 02 Jul 2013 3:06 am


Here's my story. I was looking for a room to rent in Ang Mo Kio and found a place. I paid a security deposit and moved in. At this point, I had not signed the TA. After a couple of days, the landlord's agent brought the TA and I found several clauses that were unacceptable. The agent refused to change the agreement and so, I told the landlord that I couldn't sign it. I was asked to move out which I did immediately.

Now, he claims that he cannot return my security deposit. I have a receipt for it and I have not signed anything else or made any verbal agreements. Negotiating with him appears to be a lost cause. Can anyone help me out here? What should be my next step?

Thank you for your advice :)

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Post by katbh » Tue, 02 Jul 2013 7:07 am

Ah, another one. Seems to happen a lot. As you have not signed a TA you are legally entitled to the return of your bond (but to be fair, you should pay something for you time in his house). Did you sign a Letter of Offer?
Your next step should be a letter to the landlord requesting the return of the bond (less pro-rata rent). Bonds should be returned within 14 days (this is usual in a lease but could be inferred in your agreement0. So if that time has run out, give him a further 7 days. State the date in the letter - 'Please forward the cheque made out to XXXXX by XXXX July 2013'.
If this is unsuccessful you will need to send a formal letter of demand - headed as such.
As your proposed lease was for less than 2 years, I believe that you can take the matter to the small claims courts.
I suspect it shall depend on your objections to the TA. If it was pretty standard TA, it may appear that you were trying to get out of a lease you decided you did not want. You would not get much support from the courts if that was the case But if the TA differed substantially from what was verbally or agreed in writing, you will be more successful.
You can appear for yourself and do not need a lawyer.

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