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FNDC @ Molly Roffey's at Bras Basah, 5 July

Weekly meetup of FNDC - Friday Night Drinking Club
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FNDC @ Molly Roffey's at Bras Basah, 5 July

Postby amui » Tue, 02 Jul 2013 1:35 am

To all minions

I am posting this on behalf of Adam, Tessa's nephew.

I, Adam, Tessa's only pride and joy nephew, would like to hold a toast to Tessa, our beloved Hostess with da Mostess in this special FNDC gathering.

As her only nephew, I am fully aware that FNDC was Tessa baby project and she had been a great host to all of us for the past few years. She did a great job by bringing newbies and regulars together, most importantly put a smile in their face. She had given us joy and good memories to be remembered.

Not only known as FNDC host, Tessa was also a family, a friend, sister and a motivator to some of us.

So, let us honour her and bid her farewell with a smile in our face at Molly, one of her fav bars in Singapore where she celebrated her birthday couple months ago.

I have made a rsvp at Molly Roffey's that is located at Bras Basah at 8.30 p.m. The manager has been kind enough to give us happy hour deal from 9 p.m. till midnight.

We shall do the toast at 10.30 p.m. So be there, on time.

Some of us have prepared a memorial book dedicated to Tessa. If you wish to write a message or be part of this memorial book, please look for Mui.

I warmly welcome to all FNDCers, who loved her to attend this FNDC. Also, I welcome to newbies as well to join us on this special gathering.

I will look forward to meet all Tessa's friends at Molly.

We will always remember her as a friend, family, and the most of all, Tessa, Hostess with da Mostess.



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Postby Nicole077 » Wed, 03 Jul 2013 11:42 am

Many thanks for the post Mui, cya on Friday.
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