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Pr question

Post by JamesSing » Thu, 27 Jun 2013 10:42 pm

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone had been in the following situation and could advise.

I am currently waiting to be notified of my PR application outcome. I expect to receive this within the next 1-2 months and think (based on my key characteristics) that I have a pretty good shot at approval. However, I have just been offered a new job (comparable salary and industry but much better in terms of other intangibles). My question is this, if I resign from my current job (3 month notice period) and receive approval on my PR application before starting my new job, will my current employer still be able to sign whatever documentation is required in order to finalize my PR approval? I understand that after approval there is one further form which your current employer needs to sign. As I will technically still be employed by my existing employer, they will need to sign it (even though I will be seeing out my 3 month notice period). Given that I have another job lined up which I will start after my notice period this shouldn't be an issue but just not sure how it would work logistically.

Grateful from any advice from (a) people who have been in the same circumstances, or (b) anyone who knows the contents of the letter which the employer needs to sign before finalization of the PR approval (i.e. after approval in principle). Thanks

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