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Travel buddy to hat yai 15 june!!

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Travel buddy to hat yai 15 june!!

Postby mimini12 » Mon, 03 Jun 2013 8:06 pm

Anyone traveling to hatyai on the 15th june?! Im 22 female, going alone and im scared.

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Re: Travel buddy to hat yai 15 june!!

Postby janellelau » Thu, 06 Jun 2013 12:01 am

mimini12 wrote:Anyone traveling to hatyai on the 15th june?! Im 22 female, going alone and im scared.

Hi, I want to do something to reduce my stomach size, which became really huge cos my work is highly sedentary and I had to attend courses, making me eat really irregular meals and my whole figure just went ~...

Sometimes ppl mistake me for being pregnant on the train... *cringe*

Anyways, my gf is getting married this Dec and another gf who used to be rather chubby turned out to be rather slim as she grew older, but then, she's got some gastric issues, so who says slim is good? So I wanted to do something to get in shape quick and easy (I'll try my best to maintain it as much as possible later on, I guess).

So, I emailed Dr Prinya and Dr Nara, but only the former replied and very promptly too! He has been quite patient with replies to my email and sounds rather nice.

I was thinking of going to Hat Yai for a first consult to find out more and see whether I'm comfortable with the Dr that I'm choosing and 15 - 16 Jun or 21 - 23 Jun seems like a good time.

As I'm newly registered in this forum (although have been following the threads for sometime), I can't PM you, so would you pls PM me? I'm female, 26, by the way.

If anyone is comfy with the dates and can join me would be welcome! I'm rather afraid of abductions and all, although Hat Yai is smaller than BKK and seems safer, plus I've been to China alone for weeks and months trips and it was fine. But I cant speak Thai, so that really unnerves me.


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