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Postby Jenhanafi30 » Fri, 10 May 2013 11:18 pm

[/b]hello! Good afternoon guys: would like to ask something if one of you encounter this before.. This day i went to ICA for the completion of all my formalities. But im still holding my spass. But my long term pass is not allowed to work here unless my company apply for me a work permit. So before i proceed on my completion the officer ask me what i want. Continue my spass or go throught my LTVP. So i called my hr regarding this at first the assistant told me to go throught with my LTVP since she also doesnt know what to do. So i make a declaration and go on with my LTVP but the thing is after processing everything. I called again our hr and ask them if im still gonna come to work the next day. Then the assistant told me she will call me back. When they call me back they said dont take my LTVP and ask them to widraw it first since ICa are not allowed to cancel my spass unless its my employer is the one who gonna cancel it. Then i got back to the officer and asked her if i can widraw my LTVP. And she told me that cannot since she asked me already to decide first earlier. When i called my he regarding with this they advice me not to accept first the LTVP IC and told the officer if I can collect it by some other day. Lucky the Ica officer is nice and she's ok for me not to collect it first cause i told them that I need to report to my company first and at the MOM. Since my company wants to renew my spass. My concern now is since i havent collect my LTVp Ic, Im still spass holder,right?. And im worried also if its gonna reflect on my status once I want to apply for PR someday.

Is anyone of you experience this matter?.
And how am I gonna cancel it once I got my New renew Spass. ? Coz ICA really wants me to collect my LtVp IC...


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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Sat, 11 May 2013 6:50 am

Frankly, I don't think you would be good for Singapore if you cannot even understand the concept of S/EP passes and LTVPs.

A LTVP is a "visit" pass. It does NOT allow you to work. If you are insistant on being issued an LTVP and you are currently on an S pass, you will have to cancel the S Pass. This means you cannot work for any employer or yourself. Why anybody would give up their employment pass for a visitors pass is beyond me. As I said, you do not seem smart enough to have gotten an S pass in the first place.

Sorry. :roll:

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