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Journalism jobs in Singapore

Post by journojames » Mon, 06 May 2013 1:04 am

Hi everyone,
First-time poster here.
I've got an interview for an editor/senior writer's job in Singapore. The role is with a prestigious-looking media/PR agency.
I was wondering what a reasonable salary is for this type of role. I have eight years' experience as a writer, editor and video-journalist. The highest salary I've earned in the UK is £35k a year.
Also, how much do you need to earn to be comfortably off in Singapore? Any information would be welcome!
Thanks in advance.

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Post by janiceliu88 » Sun, 12 May 2013 12:50 am

Well first off housing is really brutal here - the cheapest room in a government housing building in a residential neighbourhood (read: anywhere from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours from the main city area) will set you back something like S$800 - 1000 monthly, but that honestly is less than ideal. For a space like that you're looking at living with a family, not being allowed to have friends over, and the flat may have like 4 rooms? But for $1000-$1500 you can get a single room in a condominium, or in a place or location you might actually enjoy. For $2000 - $3000 you can get a whole government housing apartment to yourself, or a smaller condo. And that covers just about the spectrum of housing considerations.

Groceries, household goods, eating out (except in hawker centres) and especially drinking - these are expensive here, at least in comparison with America and um, most of the world. Coming from UK though, given the exchange rate, it might not be so bad; my friends from London don't mind because it's apparently pretty comfortable for them, cost-of-living-wise, at least in comparison. But I mean, living in New York was so, so much cheaper than being here, so I'll always be pretty sore about that. Transport isn't expensive, at least there's that.

I hope that helps! But generally the wages in Singapore aren't high, the lucky local graduates earn $3k+, if the company's a local one they might not offer you a whole lot.

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