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PR application evaluation.

Posted: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 10:53 pm
by <andyz>
Hello All,

I am planning to apply for a PR in mid june, and would like to take suggestions from the experts, if there is anything i can do in order to boost up my profile of getting a PR for sure.

-Indian Couple.
- My earning is over 100,000 SGD per annum.
- My wife earns around 60K per annum.
- We have a 2 years old boy.
- Age: Wife - 29 years, myself 29 Years.
- Living in Singapore for 3 years, paid tax twice, and will be paying tax again in June.
- Member of Singapore Cancer Society.
- Active member of Community club.
- Lived in London for 1 year in between, but i was still earing in Singapore and paying tax here, and then decided to come back to singapore, as i found SG to be better then UK.

Please help me evaluate my chances of getting a PR here.


Posted: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 11:37 pm
by sundaymorningstaple
If you are on a P1 EP, I would wait until your EP is renewed and then apply. If you have already renewed it and it has one year or less remaining, I would still wait until it is renewed. However, if you have just had it renewed recently and it's still a P1. Go ahead a apply. I reckon your odds are maybe 60:40 in your favour, provided you apply as an entire family.