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Car colour - a pyscho-social experiment.

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Car colour - a pyscho-social experiment.

Post by JR8 » Sat, 20 Apr 2013 12:50 am

I currently have a general impression about the paintwork colours of cars in the city in which I currently find myself. The frequency and type is different what what I am used to (I'm intentionally not 'leading' the impression).

I've decided to look out of the kitchen window in the morning, noon, and post 6pm, and note down the number of each colour I can see. Say between 20 - 35 cars a time, in total. I think doing this for say 3 days should be a viable sample.

I'm curious if there are any correlations to be found within this. I would also be curious if a few others, maybe one in Singapore, one in the US, one elsewhere in Europe, another in Asia, maybe India?, and another in ANZ would be interested in doing the same. The effort is no more than 10-15 minutes over a few days. This might be something for an A-level maths/science student to pick up and lead.

If we have any statisticians here, maybe they could guide us through the best correlation/significance calculations.

I know it's quite nerdy! But I feel the car colours here are quite idiosyncratic, and so was thinking, 'Well if 'that' applies here, what else might apply elsewhere?'

And all the above said, only now, Googling it, I find... ... r-choices/

Any maths/stats students out there interested?

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