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Friday 19th April 2013 The Fry Bistro

Weekly meetup of FNDC - Friday Night Drinking Club
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Friday 19th April 2013 The Fry Bistro

Postby littlegreenmartian » Mon, 15 Apr 2013 9:35 pm

Hello there FNDCers,

in the not so aptly named Club Street, famed currently for bars and pubs, we will be headed for the agglomeration of the ideals of drink, food and view, the Fry Bistro, where we will be sitting on the rooftop alfresco along club street overlooking the quaint eateries and pub delights. Hopefully the sky is clear enough to see the stars as we drink in the different beers.

venue: FRY Bistro, 96B Club St., Singapore, Singapore
time: 830pm - late, 19th April 2013

How to get there:
1. Take a train to Chinatown ( NEL purple line )
2. exit at Chinatown escalator. It should put you squarely between 2 rows of old shophouses.
3. Walk straight on, and turn right at the first right, next to the cornershop selling singaporean chinese food.
4. Walk onwards all the way, crossing a street, past the weiner stand on the right, till the street turns left, and carry on down the street.
5. You will see a 4 storey buddhist hall as you're walking to the end, where you will meet with a big road
6. There is a small side street opposite your position, close to a pedestrian crossing on your left. Cross this large road.
7. Walk up that small street, 8m onwards, and turn left.
8. On your left, right next to the bar/eatery at the corner, is the Fry Bistro.
9. Enter the building, reading the motivational remarks as you climb four storeys to the top for beer.
10. A little thirst goes a long way.

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