Preschool river valley

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Preschool river valley

Post by Doristhedog » Mon, 15 Apr 2013 1:41 am

Hi there!
I am trying to learn more about preschools in River Valley or nearby. I have found Brighton Montessori, JHS montessori, Cherie hearts at Kidsworld, Superland, Alphabet playhouse and Artskidz. There are probably more, so please tell me.
We have not moved to Singapore yet, and we will go visit when we get there, but I would appreciate some reviews. Do you know if some schools usually have waiting lists?
My daughters are 3 & 5 years old, so I guess they will attend pre-nursery and Kindergarten1 if they start this autumn. It seems the preschool year starts in January, am I right?
Since I won't be working, they don't have to go full days.

I also have a 1-year old, and would be grateful to receive some tips on playgroups and things to do in River Valley area.

:-) :-)

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Preschools in River Valley

Post by natalietarno » Wed, 03 Jul 2013 6:10 am

Hello - Since this was exactly my question when I arrived, I thought I'd share with any future folks my experience.

We are living on River Valley (Aspen Heights).

I have a 5 (almost 6) year old son who completed a full year of Kindergarten in the US. He's too young for P1, but he's already had a lot of academic training, including Mandarin immersion. We didn't want him to slip back into just "play-based learning."

I looked at Brighton Montessori, MindChamps (at the Paragon on Orchard), JHS Montessori and Little Skool International (on River Valley Rd right by Aspen Heights). In addition, I looked at two local Preschools, including one full day. The private ones are much more expensive - and air conditioned. Since my son is always hot (even in Los Angeles), we decided to put him in an air conditioned preschool. All four others were fine, but very different from each other.

Little Skool International offers a full day (7-7) plus Saturdays for very busy parents. The kids have academic learning + meals + nap + showers. It seemed like a very good full-service school with relatively small classes.

Brighton was only half days with optional enrichment. They are the only one of the 4 with real outdoor space - but they are alocated on a very busy corner (River Valley and Sim Koon). The school looked very nice, though. They feed the kids lunch. There is a school bus.

JHS Montessori was a little bit further down the road from Brighton on Montessori. It's in an office tower, and the site was the cleanest (along with MindChamps) and the principal, Nicole, is an absolute doll. There is a solid curriculum with great modules. It offers a morning session and enrichment and also a full day option. Ther is a school bus.

Mindchamps was also very appealing, but I didn't explore it too much because it's within a huge mall, and it was not as accessible to me. But it seems like a good program, and the school is very clean and the kids seem like they are learning well.

I would write more, bu tthe program is touch to use and jumping around. Feel free to email me:

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Re: Preschool river valley " Little Skool House international" rivervalley branch

Post by Miss2015 » Thu, 21 May 2015 1:41 pm

Hi, The Little School House branch at RiverValley area is a Great place for the little ones' . The Teachers at the Rivervalley centre are very amicable &warm towards the kids, the staff including the Assisting teachers ( who help new kids to settle & help teachers in managing the crying kids) are doing commendable job by showing immense patience & warmth to the kids. The Principal of RiverValley Centre Ms Gauri Savadi is an Awesome , very friendly & an Honest Lady who is completely dedicated towards the school & its praiseworthy management. The Principal is the reason behind the nurturing & cheerful atmosphere of the school. The credit goes to the Principal Ms Gauri who is able to deliver her best towarda maintaining a great Team work in harmony among the staff at the centre. Its a very lively, stressfree &caring atmosphere for the little ones at this school. Teachers are very sensistive & caring towards all the kids. My Kid loves this school. A great start for the pre schoolers! This Rivervalley centre was a random search online & when i went to the school for the first time before my sons admission i was totally convinced with the School that the very next day i enrolled my son into this school!& he is loving it .

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