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Can 2 companies apply for Epass / Spass?

Posted: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 7:41 pm
by denzelwng4
Hi all,

Just wanted to ask my fellow forumers:

* my current employer renewed my Epass - denied twice. Now they applied for an appeal, till now it's pending for 2 months plus.
* out of being worried, i applied for another company, which they are willing to take me. this new comp applied for my work pass, but repelled by the system saying that they cannot proceed since there is an appeal pending.

Finally i decided to let go of my current, and give a try to this new employer.
I asked my current to wdraw their application for appeal, which they are willing to do so.
My current boss asked me since they wanted to keep me can they apply also for a work pass simultaneously with the new employer?

Is it allowed? or will it create an issue in MOM? or is there a huge probability that this application will be rejected again if there are 2 companies applying?

Im thinking to let the new employer apply first and see the this a smart move?

Hoping for your kind advise. Thanks to all in advance....