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Thai Massage Recommendation

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Thai Massage Recommendation

Postby Wen_XY » Fri, 22 Mar 2013 10:32 pm

Hi fellow forumers, may I ask if any of you know some good Thai massage places I could try? I did a search on the forum, got a few hits for Thai massage, but nothing recent or substantial. Maybe I'm using the search wrongly.

Someone recommended Chao Praya - ftopic72697.html&highlight=thai+massage, anyone been to this place?

Some other suggestions that turned up - House of Traditional Massage - sutra129588.html&sid=2d12748d54feb42383977693370d4fe8?p=129588

Across the causeway... - sutra344508.html&sid=b2129ed8f16331f7290d8d3fed6dbef1?p=344508

Nothing much really on the forums, and singaporeexpats classifieds too.

There are thai spas listed on Google, but no real customer reviews.

I'd appreciate some recommendations!

edit: I found some spas listed on streetdirectory (apparently their website censored on this forum)

I also chanced on this local website - - they don't seem to have user reviews.. Tripadvisor has some reviews, but its mostly overseas.

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