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Post by stuckmojo » Sun, 04 Aug 2013 4:23 pm

the lynx wrote:
stuckmojo wrote:Thanks Hannieroo, I have extended my search to the area including the Keppel viaduct up to Holland village now.

Realistically, I won't have time to look at too many places, but if I can create a reasonable shortlist (one/two condos per area) then I'll be ok.

As for things to do for the wife, good point. I'm aware it will be very difficult for her to find any job, so we'll be looking at alternatives, including volunteering and studying.
Shortlisting straight to the area(s) will do you less mental pain. Ideally you should look for the ones near your work since you'll be doing the daily commute.

As for volunteering and studying, plenty of options. The volunteer scene here is pretty ok and there is a myriad of courses and classes (unless you're talking about diploma stuff, aren't you?)

thanks for the comments. No, I wasn't thinking of diploma stuff just yet. The Hannieroo plan sounds very do-able for the wife-to-be and I guess she's planning to follow more or less the same routine.

As for the housing bit, I'm in SG for a week as of the 10th of August for work and hopefully will be able to have a look at the condos in the various areas suggested above.

No point looking at individual flats as they won't be there when I have to move at the end of October.

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