Scoot Airlines - WOW. AMAZED.

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Scoot Airlines - WOW. AMAZED.

Post by wfujkramer » Tue, 12 Mar 2013 4:21 pm

I understand that Scoot is Singapore Airline's second attempt at running a budget airline. Are these guys actually trying to create the world's worst airline? It's refreshing to finally see a company be so completely confident in its strategy to just not give a F*** about its operations or its clients. We'll see how they do... around the world other airlines have shown that you can only be terrible at one of these two things: customers OR operations. Ryan Air, for example, will crush your spirit, but they will actually get you there on time. Scoot treats you like crap while simultaneously refusing to give you any confidence over when, where, or if you'll arrive. Will this strategy work and become the new industry best practice model? Only time will tell..

Here are some of my trip highlights:

-A day and a half before my flight they sent me a text to say that the plane would be 18 hours late, and would now arrive at destination at 4:30AM.. which kind of sucks for a weekend trip.

-Over the next day, they changed the departure time (in blocks of 12 hours) 8 times, leaving me absolutely no idea of when to show up at the airport.

-After they finally decide when to go (i.e. we're all boarded on the plane) they then miss the departure time by 3 hours, further adding to the excitement of the trip)

- Call up their phone service just for fun. They have created literally the world's most annoying telephone voice and play the same loop over ("Instead of calling us on the phone, why not go to our website instead??") and over again until you just can't stand it anymore. Not a moment of silence of music to serve as a reprieve. (Never did get through after 40 mins)

- The website doesn't have a tool to check flight status.. which is fair.. it would only discourage you.

- I finally sent them an e-mail and got the message "We'll reply to all emails within 7 days" (which is already a joke) - I finally got a pre-written response ("Sorry you weren't happy") 21 days later!

Mind blown..

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Post by JR8 » Tue, 12 Mar 2013 7:26 pm

I feel your pain. I've only flown Ryanair on one trip, and never again, and that was not as bad as what you describe.

p.s. you can check flight statuses here:

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