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PTA Funding

Post by Veronica VanE » Mon, 11 Mar 2013 4:12 pm

To those of you wh are already established ina school, I wondered whether you would tell me about the funding of your PTA/Parent Group.

I don’t want to know the figures but it would be helpful to have a broad understanding of any norm there may be in Singapore. For example, a friend of mine from Stamford says that her parent group is given a budget from the school and activities are basically free. Parents are asked to help and/or bring things (bag of candy for Halloween, xmas cookies to share for holiday party, etc), but anyone can go and the PTA paid for craft activities, decorations, etc. There is an annual ball and the very expensive ticket proceeds go to the student body selected charity.

Further, I do not yet know how the UWCSEA PA is funded but apparently there is a Fund to which Parents can voluntarily donate (in addition to fees). So any info which could put the fund amounts in context would be helpful.

I suppose it would also be relevant to know whether the PTA is entirely independent, whether there are teacher reps on any Committee ….that sort of thing

Many thx

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