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About plastic surgery in South Korea.

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About plastic surgery in South Korea.

Postby seekbeauty » Wed, 06 Mar 2013 2:31 pm


As you know Plastic Surgery in Korea is very famous.
They even have streets called 'Beauty Belt' that has more than 300 plastic surgery and dermatology. (Most of them are plastic surgery)

And Korean consumers have a power voice that is called 'netizen', They are very critical if they don’t get satisfaction then they complain all over the blogs, SNS and other sites whatever they use.

Because of them many plastic surgery clinics has been closed down. (But I heard surgeons who closed down their clinic met and worked in partnership, so they open new plastic surgery with new name.)

So Korean Plastic surgery must meet demands and satisfaction of patients who are highly expecting of their result. And even more they can have consultation as many as they want to compare and choose clinic or doctor.

That is why Korean plastic surgery is well known in the world. They have to develop their skill, services so they could survive among hundreds of plastic surgery.

Korean surgeons are very professional and have cutting-edge equipments. And also they perform thousands of surgery which means their hands are sensitive and skilful.

I strongly recommend plastic surgery clinics in Korea to whom consider to have plastic surgery abroad really!

Here are the lists of PS in Korea that actually local people tend to go.

Real PS
Global PS
April 31th PS
Opera PS
Wannabe PS
Face line PS
Propose PS
Banobagi PS
Baram PS
Bando eye PS

You can go to Gangnam-gu Medical Tourism website below;

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Let's talk or discuss about plastic surgery in Korea in this thread.

see the korean celebrities~ how pretty, cutie, booty they are!
I think they were helped by PS Power, too.
Don't you think??

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