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Post by taxico » Fri, 01 Mar 2013 5:00 pm

cookie666 wrote:Thanks, but we were unable to get hold of William and therefore went with another company.
Had a terrible experience and will be posting a "Beware" post.

What I was trying to avoid actually happened. Nightmare.
sorry to hear that. william's a very busy and popular handyman. if you call him often enough, he'll make time for you.

i like him because he's quite ethical - if you have a problem with his work, call him and he'll do you right. (provided it's his fault and not because someone else tampered with his work)

he wired up my wife's entire office (a bare concrete unit) in dec 2010. this past january we found that a power socket (unused prior) was acting up - when she plugged her new microwave in, she'd get a jolt of electricity when she touches the microwave.

we had no reason to think it was shoddy wiring and never thought about calling him back, but after some troubleshooting, she decided to ring him up.

although he was adamant it couldn't be his work, he came by to see what the problem was and then returned the following day with a replacement socket - he replaced it and all was well.

he explained the culprit was the china made power socket that shouldn't have passed safety testing...

he accepted no charge, despite our insistence.

if you want him to do a job for you, make sure to call him regularly until he comes by. popular handymen are always busy.

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