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Post by rajagainstthemachine » Wed, 27 Feb 2013 9:41 pm

noskich wrote:
the lynx wrote::-k


Well she did turn out all right but something about the parenting bothers me.

Anyway, your point was?
My point is having kids brought up in an Asian culture is a blessing for Western parents. Not all Asian kids are gold alright, but the chances are an Asian kid won`t yell and run around public places when small, will study hard at school and will take care of its old parents when adult. To the contrary of the Western kids which go through puberty (read trouble - drugs, promisculity, crime...) and don`t give a rat`s ass for oldies. Of course, we are talking about the probabilities here, not a general rule.
your posts are befuddling..!

1.)you don't have to study hard at school to succeed in life. Nothing that you learn in school helps with anything in life later on.
I'm from India and my school never told us to do well in studies they encouraged us to play as many sports as we could and it was surprising considering it was a school run by jesuits.

2.) whats wrong in running around and yelling in public places? You make it sound so wrong.

3.) whats wrong in having fun when you hit puberty? schools have sex education at 15, sex is a physical need whether you are 16 or 60..
ok granted drugs and crime are bad, but you make it sound like Australia is one big haven for drugs and crime.

4.) Lastly do not assume every western person abandons his/her parents when they get older in life.
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