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Dan Tan the Football Man?

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Dan Tan the Football Man?

Postby zzm9980 » Tue, 12 Feb 2013 2:18 pm

I've been seeing a lot of articles in the past few days about Dan Tan, the Singaporean "mobster", allegedly accused of being a ring leader for fixing football matches around the world.

Who is this guy? Is he a "protected son", is Singapore always this protective against extradition requests? Or are these all baseless accusations?

I do find this interesting. One article talks about him as a rich millionaire, the other says he lives in a rundown condo next to a mall.

Attempts to contact Tan this week failed. His listed phone numbers are disconnected, and a visit to his home, a run-down condominium next to a suburban shopping mall, proved fruitless. ... op-suspect

[quote]Dan Tan has a very comfortable life. He lives in a modern condominium in a rich neighbourhood of Singapore. He drives late-model luxury cars and, reportedly, has a personal net worth of more than $58 million. All in all, according to European police, Tan is a poster child for the dictum “crime does pay.”

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Re: Dan Tan the Football Man?

Postby Barnsley » Wed, 13 Feb 2013 11:45 am

I wonder if can errrrm help out my team who are in relegation trouble?

I cant see those links in work?

Does he have a website where you can send in fixing requests? :o
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