How to find a job in Singapore

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How to find a job in Singapore

Post by sash100 » Thu, 07 Feb 2013 8:57 pm


I am an qualified accountant from the UK with over 20 years experience.

Dream job would be to find a good position in Singapore. I am flying to Singapore on 14th Feb for holiday and maybe try to find a job where I hope to meet some agencies.

Realise my chances are remote due to overload of accountants, lack of local knowledge and foreigners are no longer welcomed but would like to know if any other accountants in a similar position to me have had successful career in Singapore. Would appreciate any advice. I am wasting my time then please let me know.


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Post by taxico » Thu, 07 Feb 2013 10:47 pm

i think there're a lot of accountants in singapore. do you have any particularly unique skills that other accountants don't? (forensic accountant?)

foreigners are still welcomed, but they should preferably possess something not commonly found in local candidates.

i don't know much about accountancy, but well trained doctors, for example, are in demand every where... (from pharmaceutical firms, to government research and regular hospital jobs) including singapore. a 1st year resident, not so much...

if you google singapore recruitment agency you'll get a bunch of hits. some people suggest linkedin, so... since it's not expensive, i'd try it!

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Post by yvrpinoy » Fri, 08 Feb 2013 2:58 pm

Hi All

I am in the same boat as Sash. I am a Certified General Accountant in Canada. I am thinking of coming to Singapore too in mid March. Sash do you happen to be an ACCA? We have MRA.

Unlike Sash, i only get 30 days visitor's pass while British get 90 days i think. I have been reading the posts here and not very encouraging but I am willing to give it a try.

My current work experience is in the government sector doing budgeting, forecasting, financial review of contracted social programs. I tried my luck applying for similar government jobs i found on jobstreet. It did not say restricted to Singaporean so I applied but got rejected and was expecting it but i thought no harm in trying.

I did work in the private sector for 8 years and am open to either governmnt or private sector accounting jobs. Does anybody know if government jobs are restricted to Singaporean?

I consider having both government and private sector accounting work experience as something of an advantage from other candidates but now am wondering if government jobs are only open to Singaporeans that it would make my job search more difficult since my current (past 4 yrs) work experience is with the government. Any comments from readers will be greatly appreciated.

Sash i woud like to correspond with you if you don't mind and if you are willing to share your experience with yor job search.

I am using linkedin for job search but i guess being still here in Canada it will be a long shot to get considered.

One last question to you all, as Canadian passport holder what do you think are my chnces of getting my visitor's pass extended? I understand i can do it online and i have a PR friend who s willing to vouch for me. I am not caucasian. I am filipino-canadian if that would matter and have visited Singapore in 2008 but my passport that has the stamped has expired so i will be using my new one.

Thanks again in advance. Pardon the length and grammatical errors.

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