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Chance for PR Application

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Chance for PR Application

Post by xuxiaoli » Fri, 25 Jan 2013 10:53 am

Dear all,

I noticed this forum a few days ago and acquired a lot of useful information here. I have submitted the PR application on 21 Nov, 2012, together with my husband, and want to know your opinion on the chances of approval.

Our basic information:
1. Both of us are PRC Chinese, born in 1986.
2. Luckly, we were arwarded a scholarship from MOE to pursue the undergraduate study in NTU when we were 18 years old (2004). Therefore, we have 6-year bond to work for singapore companies.
3. Both of us graduated as Bachelor of Enginnering with First Class honor from NTU in 2009. Upon graduation, we actually received PR invitation letters. However, since we decided to pursue a higer degree, we didn't apply at that time. (I really regret for this decision).
4. From 2009, we start our PhD study in NTU. My scholarship is provided by DSO and my husband get scholarship from NTU.
5. We got married in early 2011.
6. After obtaining the Phd candidature confirmation, I was allowed to convert to part-time study and work as a research staff in early 2012 (still sponsored by DSO). Then, I got Q-EP although my salary is quite low, which is only S$3k per month (same as the scholarship).
7. After working for 6 months, I submitted the PR application on 21st Nov, 2012. I also apply PR for my husband, although he is still a full-time Phd student (by the way, his scholarship is also S$3k per month).
8. On Jan 8, 2013, I received a letter from ICA, requesting detailed CV for my family and my husband's family. We submitted the document quickly on Jan 11, 2013.
9. The status for our PR application as indicated on the website is still "Pending".

I have two questions:

1), What is the chance for us to get the PR application approved? When can we know the outcome?
2), I am preganant now. Do I need to inform ICA about this? If our PR application is rejected, how long can our baby stay with us in Singapore(since my salary is too low, I cannot apply DP for him/her)?

Thanks a lot.


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