Beauty And Makeup Tips For Every Lady

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Beauty And Makeup Tips For Every Lady

Post by Guest » Sat, 18 Dec 2004 7:20 pm


Foundation is the very base of any beautiful makeup application. It evens out your complexion and makes the imperfect look near perfect!

However, do you really understand the functions, ingredients and effects of foundation? Read on...

The Foundations Of Foundation:

Foundation has many important tasks. Is
your foundation really doing its job well?

To even out the skin colour and texture.
To cover up pigmentation, freckles and wrinkles.
To moisturize the skin, as well as to absorb excess oil and sweat.
To protect the skin against UV
damage. Expect 7 - 8 times more UV protection while wearing foundation as opposed to bare skin.
To enhance your confidence as well as appearance!

Many cosmetics companies are constantly launching new foundations with new technology and upgraded ingredients. You need to bear in mind that a foundation should beautify as well as protect, and then you should choose the very best foundation for your unique complexion.

Types Of Foundation:

There are so many types of foundation on the market. Where should you start? Let's look at some common types: compact, cream or liquid types, face powder and stick type.

All the different types have two main ingredients: powder (colouring) and oil (base), in varying ratios.

• Compact Foundation type

It's convenient because it's portable and can be used while you're on the go, and a sponge or puff is used to spread it over the face. Many women of all ages favour the compact type of foundation.

• Cream & Liquid types

These have the highest ratio of water and have a greater treatment function. They give a pleasantly natural look.

• Face Powder
This is the perfect 'finishing touch' to any type of foundation, as it leads to a lovely matte, smooth look. It also can look great over bare skin for just a hint of finesse.

• Stick type
It has excellent coverage since it contains a high level of oil. As such, it's very effective in concealing blemishes.

Tips For Selecting Foundation:

For Dry Skin or Skin Exposed to Dry Environment

Oil-based foundation is recommended, as oil seals the skin and prevents moisture loss. Another recommendation for dry skin is a liquid type foundation, which avoids friction from a puff or sponge.

For Oily to Combination Skin

It's wisest to use either liquid or powder type foundation that has a high ability to absorb oil.

For Young, Acne-prone Skin

Go for a liquid type foundation, with not so much oil, when you find your skin is sensitive. Oil can block pores and irritate blemishes.

For Outdoorsy Girls

Powder and liquid types of foundation are best. And check out the UV protection factor, of course!

For Sensitive Skin

Just apply a makeup base and finish with face powder. It's kindest to your delicate skin to wear no foundation.


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