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Shelf-Life Of Cosmetics - Ladies Keep Note !!

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Shelf-Life Of Cosmetics - Ladies Keep Note !!

Postby user » Sat, 18 Dec 2004 1:38 pm


Shelf-Life of Cosmetics

By Chantal Guertin[/align]

If you think you're being thrifty by keeping that foundation long after the case is broken and the sponge is weathered, you could be putting yourself at risk of contamination. Unlike the U.S., where products often state an expiry date, in Canada it's difficult to tell when products expire because there's no law requiring that the expiration date be listed.

"Most products remain effective for two years from their manufacturing date," says Dr. Tom Y. Woo, a dermatologist at Laser Rejuvenation Clinics & Spa in Calgary. But unless the products have all-natural ingredients, like Lush, for example, it's not often that the packaged date is listed.

If your products have active ingredients, such as acne creams or some moisturizers, they need to be kept in a cool and dark place. "Otherwise, they can decompose and cause severe irritation to the skin," says Dr. Woo.

However, most cosmetics are inert products, which means they don't have active ingredients. In most cases, they just lose their effectiveness if you keep them too long. But sometimes, they're a haven for bacteria. To find out how long you should keep your cosmetics, read on.

Mascara: 3-6 months

These should be used quickly because they're easily contaminated. Every time you push the brush back into the container, you're pushing air in too, and bacteria. The wet consistency of mascara makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. Don't open more than one bottle of the same colour at a time. Start a new tube of mascara on the first of a month, or circle the three-month date on your calendar to remind you to pick up a new one.

Moisturizer: 3 months to a year

Moisturizers with oils and botanicals should be used quickly, since over time they lose their effectiveness. Don't freeze moisturizers because the ingredients will separate. Use one day-formula and one night-formula at a time so you use them up promptly and don't have waste.

Oil-free foundation: 1 year

Without the oils, they dry out more quickly and become clumpy. They can also become darker, giving you a tan you don't want! If the foundation starts to look strange or smell bad, or if the ingredients start to separate, throw it out.

Products with SPF: 1 season

When the summer ends, toss that bottle of sunscreen. They lose their effectiveness to block out UVA and UVB rays and can stain skin and clothes.

Blush or foundation sponges: 1 week

You don't need to throw sponges out, but you do need to wash them every week. Use soapy water and allow them to dry naturally and fully before you place it back in the compact to avoid encouraging bacteria.

Concealer: 12-18 months

Liquid based concealers may start to separate when they're going bad. Once this happens, toss it. Like mascara, pushing the brush back into the container can cause bacteria to start, so wipe the brush after each use. If you're covering a blemish that may be infected or contain bacteria, use your finger to apply the concealer instead of a brush so you keep the germs from spreading.

Powder foundation or blush: 2 years

Over time, they get cakey and dried out, making them difficult to apply.

Eyeshadow: powder: 2 years; cream 12-18 months

Cream eye shadows have emulsions that break down over time. Avoid touching the inner part of your eye with the brush. Wash brushes at least once a week. Don't use shadow if you have an eye infection, and if you discover an eye irritation, discard any eye shadows you were using for the few weeks prior.

Eyeliner: 2 years

Sharpening them helps with bacterial growth, so they're actually fairly safe to use. If you get an eye infection, throw it out.

Lip liner: 2 years

Like eyeliner, sharpening helps them. However, if you get a cold sore or another irritation, do not use the lip liner again, instead it's time to throw it out. Keep out of sunlight to preserve it.

Lipstick: 2 years

The pigment and oils preserve lipstick. If you get a cold sore, throw out the lipstick. If you use a lip brush, wash it twice a week.

Lip gloss: up to 2 years

Throw it out if you get a cold sore. If you get lipstick on the applicator, wipe it clean to avoid mixing ingredients.

Fragrance: up to 2 years

They contain alcohol, a natural preservative. When it starts to smell unpleasant or strong, discard it. Prolong its life by keeping it in the fridge or out of direct sunlight. Fragrances are a common cause of allergies and irritations, so if you notice one, stop using the fragrance.

Reprinted permission of the Life Network


Miscellaneous Beauty Tips

Postby user » Sat, 18 Dec 2004 2:04 pm

Miscellaneous Beauty Tips

How long should I keep my make-up?

The average shelf life of cosmetics is anywhere from three months to three years. It all depends on the product. To help keep your make-up fresh, follow these tips:

Wash hands before touching your make-up and skincare products
Replace sponges & puffs every 6-12 weeks
Sharpen pencils to remove contamination or dust before using
Don’t add water or moisturizer to make-up If you mix, mix the product in your hand
Don’t share cosmetics
Close containers tightly
Store cosmetics in a cool dry place

Remember, if your make-up starts to smell, or if the consistency of the product or the color changes you should discard the product.
Rule of thumb, if you haven't used the product in a year or you don't like the color, get rid of it!

Here are some average shelf lives for products:

Product Shelf life of Product
Cleanser 1-3 years
Toner 2-3 years
Moisturizer 1-3 years
Exfoliater/Scrub 1-3 years
Masks 1-3 years
Eye Creme 1-3 years
Foundation 2-3 years
Powder 2-3 years
Concealer 2-3 years
Eyeshadow 2-3 years
Blush 2-3 years
Eye Pencils 1-2 years
Mascara 3-6 Months
Lash Thickener 3-6 Months
Lipstick 2-3 years

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