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Looking for break thru in Photography

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Looking for break thru in Photography

Postby Ganesh » Sat, 18 Dec 2004 12:58 pm

Hi ,
I am Ganesh,Indian living in Sinapore.I am software
guy and having a great interest in photography.I am very much
interested to do some free lancing photography for studio..Basically I
am in this, for last 2 yrs and I have been to few classes on
photography in singapore too.

Currently I am struck on how to go find oppurtunity on free lancing
and full time photography.Interested to know your advice on how and
where to apply.Like me one of my friend having great interest in
photography and wanna do full time photography is also struck on how
to proceed.

I would really thank you,If any one could throw some light on this.I can
send you my work and my friend work,if you are interested.



Postby photobug » Sun, 19 Dec 2004 11:13 pm

Hi. I know the feeling that your having. I was also in the same situation. Please go and take a look at this website. It's an online photo forum where most of the photographers I know hang out at to talk about photography.

You have a better chance at posting your message on that board and hopefully landing a freelance job. But please be aware that Singapore is really small and very competative when it comes to doing freelance work. Good luck to you.

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