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Post by v4jr4 » Wed, 26 Dec 2012 10:41 am

Wd40 wrote:
v4jr4 wrote:
Wd40 wrote:You can get people who speak excellent English better than the locals or you can get really hardworking and skillful engineers, you can't get both, tightened norms or otherwise.
Says who?
Says me. You think those Chinese bus drivers who went on strike can speak English? When something as public facing as bus driver's job doesn't need English you think a factory worker or construction worker needs to speak in English?
Oh, so you know each strikers personally? I don't, but I do remember that there are 4 languages which can be used to communicate in Singapore. Besides, if OP can't communicate well in English, I'm afraid OP will be bashed during interview.

Pars-pro-toto isn't my forte :P
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