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Work-related stress/depression

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Re: Work-related stress/depression

Post by Sergei82 » Thu, 29 Nov 2012 2:19 pm

offshoreoildude wrote:
Darthcoder wrote:
offshoreoildude wrote: Old virgins are a uniquely Singaporean thing. Even LKY complained about this a long time ago!
I am beginning to think my boss might be one such case :(
She looks like a man so that explains the situation I guess
As a good friend said; 'Old Virgins are like laundry, send them out to be done - it's too much hard work to do myself'.
Hard work for dubious benefits (not only sexual, but that crucial part of social adaptation to know at least what to do with a person of opposite gender at all and what is it all for - absent)

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