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Xmas dinner with your company

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Xmas dinner with your company

Postby ?! » Thu, 16 Dec 2004 5:44 pm

Hi guys! let me share something very weird to me...
I am an expat here for almost 1 year and I had the chance to attend my first Xmas dinner with my Singaporean colleagues (we are only 2% foreigners in this company). I was happy to meet my colleagues in another environment than the office! I was expecting some fun, and thought it would be a good time to spend some time with them, to explore my colleagues a bit more than just during the office hours.

What a surprise when I realized that most of them, and I'm not kidding, went there just to get............... vouchers of any sorts!!!!! Everybody got a nice shopping voucher of 300$! I never got that in an Xmas party in Europe!!! what a nice gift, isn't it?!
Before, in Europe, we were very happy to go there in order to have fun and to celebrate the end of the year with colleagues! But here, I was very good surprised to get a gift!

Anyway.... the thing is the attitude of my colleagues really shocked me!!! after the lucky draw, almost everybody left!!! without even saying good bye, grabbing their gifts, and going home... about 10 of us stayed there... the rest (90% just left)!
The day after, the main discussion in the office was: "how much did you get?"... "oh, I was disappointed because I got less the year before" or "I would have preferred cash than vouchers"...well, I don't give you all the details!!!
Amazing and I must say shocking as well...
Probably another cultural difference, which I respect of course... but well.... How can people not be happy with a nice 300$ voucher?! I mean, it's already very nice to get something like that from your company!

I am always amazed how people like talking about money, food, packages, vouchers, shopping, sales I really tried to talk about other things than that with my local colleagues...but no success... however, I respect the difference...
just sharing...

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Postby bobdoom » Thu, 16 Dec 2004 7:10 pm

thats my the company i worked for employs malaysian....
singaporeans are kiasu and kiasee la... just like me... hah

kiasu- singaporean slang for "scared to lose"
kiasee- slang for "scared to die"


Postby Guest » Sat, 18 Dec 2004 11:00 am

Sad to say... most care more about the gifts than the spirit of christmas and year end celebrations.


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Postby thundersun » Sun, 19 Dec 2004 10:39 am

oh come on ,
it can't be that bad....maybe your colleague have come to appreciate the Xmas gifts more ...but it does not means that they do not appreciate the gathering...To many people, company dinner is something where you can gather with your colleagues in a more relaxing enviroment and have some fun. I believe they do appreciate the whole event (not just the gifts) though they do not say it out loud...

Then again...they have been seeing each other for almost 350 days in a year and most have families/bf/gf to go back to hence they do not see the need to stay back for much socialising...
I was wondering what time did they go off and kind of socialising are u expecting?

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