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2 years max in Sing., OK to send US kids to CIS or other?

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2 years max in Sing., OK to send US kids to CIS or other?

Postby mommaof3 » Sun, 25 Nov 2012 12:42 pm

My husband has a new job with a start up company based in Singapore and we are considering a short term move (18 mos. to possibly 2 years) there come February with our 3 young kids ages 2, 4 and 6. We are coming from the US where our 6 year old is in a really good public 1st grade and our 4 year old is in a Montessori pre-school. After our short tenure in Singapore the plan is to move back to the US where our kids would most likely go back to public school. We may get a little help from my husband's employer on the school fees, however, we want to keep costs somewhat reasonable. I'm having trouble with some of the crazy one time registration fees that most of the schools charge and we obviously cannot contend with long wait lists. I would also like for all 3 kids to go to the same school. Based on this I think SAIS would be a good option, however, my husband is partial to CIS. Our kids are so young I don't think it will matter all that much, but for our 6 year old, would it be difficult coming from a US public school going to CIS and then back to US public school or would it be better to stay with an American school? I realize CIS is based on an IB curriculum, but I really have no idea what the differences are in the primary years. My 6 year old is pretty athletic and I would like him to continue with some of the same activities and he does pretty well academically (90% standardized tests) so I would like him to keep up. I do think it would be really cool if they got to take some Mandarin classes. I'm assuming that the majority of the International Schools in Singapore are at least as good and most likely better than the really good US public schools, correct? I haven't seen much info. on the new CIS Lakeside campus or on the new SAIS campus. Any input? Any other ideas. I will be visiting in December and checking out the schools personally, but I wanted to get some ideas on which schools to check out. We haven't figured out where to live either, that'll be another post, but my husband won't have a typical commute, so our options are open. Thanks.

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Postby jacL » Thu, 07 Feb 2013 9:35 pm

Hi have your family found a place to live here? The children's school is very much dependent on the place u live or vise verse:) Are you here in sg already? I can help give advise on preschool.
Hi i'm a preschool teacher if you are interested to know more about the preschools & system in sg.

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