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Physician's Assistant Jobs in Singapore?

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Physician's Assistant Jobs in Singapore?

Post by hcarsch » Fri, 09 Nov 2012 10:10 pm

Hi All ... I'm in the early stages of contemplating a relocation to Singapore for my job however one of the hurdles is determining whether my fiancee will be able to find employment. She is a PA in a neonatal ICU in the states... so not a nurse and not a doctor but something inbetween. Deals strictly with high acuity / premature births, writes perscriptions, etc. Essentially 90% of doctor's duties without an MD (or corresponding insurance costs).

As far as I can tell Singapore only has provisions for nurses and doctors - nothing inbetween. So my fear is that while she is qualified in the eyes of the US medical system she either 1) won't be able to find a role at all or 2) will have to take a role that has responsibilities far below her current position. In a perfect world I would think she could fill a niche delivering expat children or working in a pediatric practice that caters to expats. Any help/advice/suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Post by cw1483 » Mon, 12 Nov 2012 10:25 am

I have a good friend who is a PA in the US and had look at the same thing. Singapore do not recognize PA. There is no PA Board to recognize a PA in Singapore, perhaps in APN (Advanced Practice Nurse) in certan clinical settings such as cardiology, neurology, but not sure about neonatal.

If your spouse arrives here under dependent pass, then he/she can work under a letter of consent and under this link ... fault.aspx
which denoted Nurse to be accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board or Doctor to be accredited at the Singapore Medical Counsil, also no PA. Perhaps contact the nursing or medical board to see if they have any advice for a PA coming to Singapore. Even if your spouse can get accredited by the nursing board without sitting the exam, it would still be a step down...sorry, and good luck!

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